Ta-Nehisi Coates

Racial Reconciliation Hustlers and my Progressive Christian Case for Reparations

In this provocative piece Billy writes about the current industry of Christian based racial reconciliation and failure to address the work of restorative justice. Billy lays out how theologies of reconciliation too often fall short and provides a way forward for progressive minded Christians who support reparations as an important step of reconciliation.

Why I'm Done Talking To White Christians about Racial Reconciliation

Christian based conversations about race relations and reconciliation has become an industry in contemporary Christianity, especially among the so-called evangelical wing.  There are conferences, books, speaking tours and sermons produced continually talking about how the church can overcome the challenges of race and come together for the sake of Jesus.  But despite the popularity of racial reconciliation ministry Billy is not impressed and is speaking his mind about why. Check out what he has to say.