Selected Published Articles & Posts

The Neglected African American Public Theologian 

Jesus Poor Veterans and the Grass that Suffers

Race in the Religious Classroom

"One Night with the King" Movie Review

"Review of Book "Watch This: The Ethics and Aesthetics of Black Televangelism"

Selected Published Sermons

How to Handle A Scandal

God Help America: A Sermonic Response to the Zimmerman Trial Verdict

Selected Academic Essays

Exploring Theology as Cultural Critique.pdf

The Critical Christ.pdf

Two Types of Christian Universalism.pdf

Selected Blog Posts

9/11, Billy Graham, and the rise of the Progressive Religious Intellectual

Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson: The Prophet of Self-Hate and White Anger

Walk or Fall Together Children: Reflections on the Interdenominational Theological Center and the Resignation Dr. Ronald Peters

The Cornel West We Forgot When We Met President Obama

Remembering ArchBishop Earl Paulk: Portrait of a Beautiful Mess

Good Job Pastor Bryant: What We Can Learn from Jamal Bryant’s Admission of Infidelity

Analyzing the Presidency of the Interdenominational Theological Center, President Peters and the Challenge Ahead!

MegaChurches: Mega Mess or the Church At Its Best

Reflecting On A Hindu and Caucasian Wedding, And An African American Ordination

I Call Out The Media And Rev. Wright Clarifies his "Them Jews" Comment!

Celebrating The First Black Female Rabbi--Alysa Stanton

Messiah or Massacist: Remembering the Virigina Tech Shootings


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